Kotlin: The Android Development Language of the Future

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Right now, for developers that are starting to learn Android, we’re already recommending the Android Basics with Compose course, rather than the Views one. Kotlin by removing the null reference from the app code, gives relief to the developers from all the time-consuming tasks of repairing NPE. When it comes to regular development tasks, Kotlin offers a whole array of useful and handy features for easier task handling in any project. The boilerplate code that developers need to repeat again and again, without any significant improvement, takes a lot of developer time and undermines productivity.

This way, you can write even native apps in this language, too. When you let framework take care of certain mundane aspects of coding, you can focus on more important things. Kotlin is all about high readability, https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ simplicity, and the facilitation of the app development process. At the Google I/O 2017 conference, Google announced that Kotlin would be the first officially supported program added to Android Studio.

Quick Design System Creation to Boost Up the Design-to-Code Process

This official website is a great start to learn the Kotlin language with its detailed and comprehensive documentation along with step-by-step tutorials. According to Talent.com, entry-level Kotlin developer positions start at ₹380,000 per year. The average hire kotlin software development Kotlin Developer salary in India is ₹900,000 per year based on 180 salaries reported. The roles and responsibilities of Kotlin developers are similar to the roles and responsibilities of Android developers except having good knowledge of Kotlin.

What is the role of a Kotlin developer

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Android dominates the global market with nearly a 71% market share. Hence, developers prefer Kotlin for Android development because it enables them to write safer and more concise code. Kotlin is a cross-platform, modern, concise, and general-purpose programming language designed to fully interoperate with Java. It is focused on safety, interoperability, great tooling support, and clarity. A Kotlin developer is required to have expert knowledge in Kotlin and Java as well as hands-on experience with software development and app design.

What is the role of a Kotlin developer

Kotlin is a cross-platform, statically typed, general-purpose programming language with type inference. It is designed to improve productivity in an ecosystem primarily dominated by Java. It is fully interoperable with Java and provides more expressive syntax and safety features. It is also officially supported by Google for Android development. This language also supports properties with setters and getters, simplifying accessing fields in a class without writing additional code. Moreover, Kotlin features extensions for adding valuable functions to current objects and classes, reducing the boilerplate code required for common tasks.

Kotlin Developer Job Description Template/Brief

Kotlin is a popular option for people who develop applications and software for the Android mobile operating system. Your duties as a Kotlin developer include writing code for applications, testing your designs, and debugging the code. Some programmers who use Kotlin also use Java, Objective-C, and Swift to create apps and programs for different operating systems and platforms.

  • Its simplicity and interoperability were the incentives to learn Kotlin.
  • By the end of 2030, ABN AMRO is committed to investing 1 billion euros in early-stage capital to facilitate the transition to a net-zero economy.
  • And this gives Kotlin a huge advantage over new programming languages written from scratch.
  • It should also be noted that while a Master’s degree is not strictly needed, employers do prefer candidates with one.
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  • Developers do not need to write their implementations when there are open-source, ready-to-use libraries that do the job perfectly.

Kotlin developers ensure that the designs comply with the specifications provided. They write well-designed and efficient code and also analyze, test and assist with the integration of applications. Kotlin developers are in charge of planning, designing and developing apps and software using Kotlin. They contribute in all phases of the development cycle and then test and amend features, when needed.

years of Kotlin on Android — the extended interviews

The Junit framework works seamlessly with Kotlin, and Ktor hosts itstesting library for quickly writing end-to-end tests and integration tests. Using Kotlin and Ktor, developers can use a custom test engine to run their entire application, and handle requests just like the live application would. In addition, mobile developers who have experience in Java programming, can use Kotlin and Java code side by side in their app projects. With people desiring native experience with mobile applications, Android app development with Kotlin is in hot demand in 2023. For Kotlin, this kind of co-existence is extremely important because Java’s ecosystem is mature, stable and provides way more libraries than is available for any other language.

Among all the languages that surfaced in recent years, Kotlin offers unrivaled reliability. Developers can write the code in the same format as needed with the help of all these features. All the subclasses of the sealed class are defined at compile time. No new subclasses can be added to it after the compilation of the module having the sealed class.


Because I want to write Kotlin, not Java with Kotlin syntax. This all gives a strong indication that there is already significant demand for Kotlin developers and there will continue to be in the future. Abstract classes define abstract or “pure virtual” placeholder functions that will be defined in a derived class. Migrating an existing codebase from Java to Kotlin can be complex and time-consuming.

What is the role of a Kotlin developer

Firstly, we start by taking note of the pros and cons of Kotlin language. In spite of the clamor around this new Java alternative, many Android developers are still confused about making the choice, and shifting their leanings to Kotlin. It has become a popular language just within a few years of its introduction. We’re a place where coders share, stay up-to-date and grow their careers. I believe most of the developers still use Java since its the old way.

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